The Thunderchildren


This is the first post detailing my plan of action for my Heresy-era Dark Angels. A bit of background, the main characters and what I am planning on painting.

So, Dark Angels. The 1st Legion always attracted me because they were the 1st Legion. None of the weird quirks and specializations of the others, rather, in the words of 1d4chan (a site I browse far too much: I must warn you that, being derived from 4chan, it is a bit of a cesspit), they were “just supposed to be space marines”. Unfortunately by the Heresy they had been introduced to all the Calibanite weirdness of the Order. In order to keep this early Great Crusade legion theme, I decided that my force would be a relatively autonomous chapter led by an old Unification War veteran who cares very little for the new style of command. The name I gave him is Zoras El’Ter, otherwise known as the Thunderchild. I have a number of stories as to why he is the way he is, but suffice to say, he’s seen most of his comrades die in horrible circumstances, dislikes the Calibanite marines that replaced them, but is loyal to a fault. Loyal, but not necessarily happy about it.

The army thus far consists of the following:

30x Tactical marines in mkII armour

5x Destroyers, made using Anvil Industry’s parts

5x Recon marines and a Vigilator, again made with Anvil parts

4 various command models: praetors, centurions, techmarines

5x Deatrhwing terminators (40k models in 30k? The horror). I got these guys mainly for bits, but I’m tempted to run them straight out as legion terminators.

Other than this, I plan to buy:

Rhinos! Unsure as to how many, but probably enough to ferry the tacticals around.

Predators: at least 1 squadron. I want to run Ironwing protocol if I ever do play with these guys, and squadrons of predators I feel are severely underrated in coolness.

MkII commanders: this will be the start of Zoras and his retinue.

There are also a lot of things I see and think “That’d be cool to do”, and then slap myself for being silly. Case in point: Betrayal at Calth. I was about to but 2 copies (only £150 if you shop around! Bargain!) before I realised I would have to paint 60 more tactical marines. I’ve painted 10 so far………..

I feel I have bought enough to be getting on with, so therefore this project will have 1 rule of utmost importance: PAINT EVERYTHING BEFORE BUYING MORE

So there we have it. A start to a hopefully long and exciting project I have been looking forwards to for some time.

Thanks for reading


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