High King


I am still painting. In fact, I have been painting something recently, and I now have a working camera. Therefore, may I present to you my WIP of Gil-Galad, last High King of the Noldor. C&C most welcome.


The cloak needs to be touched up a bit, but is almost done. I went for a yellowy green that ended up working quite well I feel.



The blue I am less happy with. I tried to make it a turquoise, but it hasn’t come out right. I am going to give it some ink glazes to try and build up the colour, but right now it just looks sloppy and disjointed.



The face has been blocked in simply to make sure the eyes are OK. I want a very pale skin tone, which not a tone I usually go for.


The white cloth I’m quite happy with. I might glaze a little bit into the shadows to deepen them, but I’m actually happy with it for the most part.

Thanks for reading!



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