Wood Elves Part 1

Hello again.

I recently decided that the old Wood Elf sculpts the Perry twins did for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game were some of the best generic fantasy models around. Therefore I hopped on Ebay and spent £35 on 46 models, which is a lot for me, but less than I could have gotten elsewhere.

The models arrived, and I was slightly less enthused. Mostly because of their age and materiel, there were a few issues which I found frustrating, but nonetheless they are good models, and so I set to work. The first batch is almost finished, and consists of 2 spear-elves and 4 sword-elves.


Once again, my photography skills leave much to be desired. These fine gentlemen were painted in a batch, with the aim of making some sort of speed painting plan. As such, to me they look awful, and many of the highlights leave a lot to be desired. However I have a cunning plan for basing them which will hopefully alleviate some of their worse qualities.


This fellow is my test-bed as it were. I wanted these Elves to have a little bit of a different twist to previous ones. I approached my Gil-Galad as if he were a human, whereas here I thought “how could I make them different?”. Essentially I wanted these Elves to have an alien look to them, because why the hell would an Elf look like a human? I drew a bit of inspiration from the Elder Scrolls Wood Elves (the name escapes me, but it does end in –Mer). To this end, I made up a skin recipe using a little amount of pale green (Warpaints Necrotic flesh) with normal fleshtones (Warcolours skintone 2 & 3). Their hair was painted light sand (Vallejo Model Air) and the eyes a very light ochre (Warcolours Ochre 1). The eyes I then ruined by trying to give pupils, which turned out fine on this guy, but as I went on fatigue made the work impossible. I haven’t revisited the eyes because I might just leave them ochre: I like the idea of pupiless eyes because it definitely isn’t human.


It appears I had a minor case of sloppy brushwork. This came about from repainting the eye several times. Also, you can see on the cloak how basic the highlighting is. I don’t really mind in this case though.


I realise now I worked on these guys after I had taken the photos. Thus the hair is still unpainted in the picture, as well as the throwing knife handle. I’m a bit dumb sometimes.


The pose of this guy reminds me a little bit of Geralt, the Witcher. I think the pale skintone helps a fair bit, but given I have four copies of this pose, I might try something interesting………

Next time will probably be the Frostgrave warband I have randomly started, using Perry plastics for a Witcher themed force (probably led by the Sorceress as she appeared in the last post). I will probably update soon with some test models.

Thanks for reading


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