Murin and Drar WIP

Hello again

These two fellows are again some of my favourite sculpts done by GW. There are many things I like, but I think Murin is by far the most dynamic and impressive of the two. img_0292

Very WIP: I have barely blocked in all the colours


Murin’s robe is however almost done. I need to shade the yellow a lot more as it’s a bit bold right now, and the red needs to be given final highlights.


Awful photography, but I think it shows the red well enough.


I’m quite happy with the shield as it stands. The green is done, and the shield rim is nearly there (I just want to give it a wash, as I want it to be quite grimy). The bird I am going to give a couple more glazes of ink to give the impression of feathers. I’ll have to experiment a bit.


Again, awful photography. However you can just about get the impression of the lines I did on the forehead. Also the eyes are pretty decent by my standards: Drar’s right eye looks like it’s squiting a little bit as he takes aim.


Anyway, I just wanted to share these two. I’m picking up some Dwarf rangers to go with them, but in the meantime I have started another Dark Angels tactical squad, a Frostgrave warband and I also bought some Tau off ebay: with University term starting soon, I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to work on everything. I’ll have to see.

Until next time



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