Back to posting: Tau and Dark Angels

Hello readers

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Life took over as it seems to do, and I couldn’t find the time to upload stuff. I managed to find the time today somewhere between my illness and dissertation draft, so I’m officially back in it.

While I wasn’t posting, I was still painting. Mostly models, but also some traditional stuff (watercolour and ink mostly). I thought I’d share the two project occupying my desk as I write.


Firstly, a Tau Fire Warrior strike team. I got these cheap on the old eBay, so I decided to try some new stuff on them. I first airbrushed them Vallejo German camoflage Extra dark green and normal dark green, then gave them a small edge highlight (warcolours olive 4). The cloth is warcolours cool grey 5, highlighted with blue grey 5, washed with black and then rehighlighted with the blue grey. Metal parts were Vallejo metallic air black highlighted once with Army Painter plate mail metal. The skin was warcolours blue grey 4, washed with purple and highlighted with blue grey 3. Finally the models received a gloss coat and an oil wash of black: it’s the first time I’ve ever tried oil washes and they’re fantastic. The bases were made to be urban ruins sort of: I used a cooler grey with copper to provide contrast to the models. I still have the finish up 4 more guys and the drones, but that won’t take long: I have encountered a slight hitch that will delay it however.


This is my Horus Heresy pile. 15 marines plus 1 vigilator, with another 20 to come. I’m waiting on some parts to arrive before I can crack on with these guys. The most important part I need isn’t actually a model, it’s the nozzle for my airbrush. I broke it before Christmas it seems, so I had to fork out £15 for the smallest thing imaginable as a welcome home present. Very frustrating.

I guess these guys are the opposite of what I normally put up here: it’s a mass of soldiers, designed to be painted efficiently, hence the airbrush and oil washes. Hopefully I should be able to do a step by step for the marines, as they’re going to be he main thrust of my efforts over the next term.

Thanks for reading!





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