Tau Fire Warriors complete


I managed to finish off my fire warrior squad today. It was simply a matter of a little weathering and glossing the lenses. I’m very happy with these guys, they’ve been a very useful learning experience. Thanks to them I am now far more confident in using my airbrush to build up subtle layers, and the oil wash to really bring out the depth. I’m also very happy with their bases, which were a fun exercise in storytelling/scene setting. In particular by using the bright orange metal I was able to create contrast on an otherwise monochromatic set of models.


I now have to do the drones: I’m not going to lie, I find them quite boring as models. I also forgot to add the antenna before laying down the base colours, so I will have to contrive a way to airbrush a very fiddly bit.

So in summary:

+Airbrushing & oil washes are good for batch painting

+Basing is an important element: colours must be chosen to compliment the models

-I have to be disciplined in ensuring every model in the batch is at the same stage

-Varnishing must be done carefully: I put it on too thick on a few models

-When batch painting I can’t subject myself to the same standards as on an individual model: I need to crack out a whole army of these guys

Next up will be my next tactical squad, which are drawing into the final stages of painting. I still need to make the bases though, which I might demonstrate on here.

Thanks for reading!


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