More WIP, hopefully more updates

Hello all

Been a while. Life is hectic, and although I haven’t been posting I’ve been painting frequently. The following is an array of minis I’ve been working on.



First up, these guys are my Space Dwarfs, aka Forge Fathers, affectionately known as not-Squats. I got these guys as part of the Warpath Kickstarter which I signed up for a long time ago. I had a bit of a hassle getting the package (switching addresses annually is always complicated), and had a large amount of buyers remorse, as I forked out quite a bit of money for 3 battelgroups. However upon opening and starting to assemble these guys, I became pretty happy with them. Sure the moulding isn’t quite GW standard: however I got them much cheaper, and they are distinctive enough to stand by themselves stylistically, while being fairly generic. Which I do not view as a bad thing.

All my Warpath models are going to be “quick and dirty”. The models themselves have some minor flaws (undercuts, loss of detail) which do not encourage close inspection: I used the guys in the top image (Steel Warriors) as my testpieces, and I think the 5 of them took ~2 evenings to finish. I’ve already built and basecoated the other 15 guys, so finishing them should be pretty rapido. The mini-termiantors in the second image are my elite guys, hence the black. They were good fun to do, and due to the switch up of colours stand out enough to me. I’m tempted to try some Horus Heresy gaming with these guys playing Squats Imperial Cults and Militias, but we’ll see.


These guys are Asterian Marionettes, essentially robotic drones. Once again I went with “quick and dirty”, hence the limited colours (White, dark blue and metallic) giving them a distinctive look. I wanted to make them look like they were made of ceramic, hence the yellow-cream-white (acheived through airbrushing zenithal highlights), but the problem is they can look good, or absolute dog crap depending on the light. I’m not going to change things however because these guys are literally cannon fodder. I had an issue with the second batch (pictured second) as I screwed up my highlighting: I’m going to give them another blast with the airbrish and then reapply the wash for shading.



This brute is the Enforcer Interceptor. Once again, I was a bit apprehensive, but it is actually a really good kit to put together. I tried some preshading on it (the top two images) but unfortunately I haven’t really noticed any significant effect. I’m not too worried anyway, as I was able to try out panel highlighting for the first time, which I think went decently. I’m going to weather it quite a bit using chipping and oil washing which should make it more interesting. It’s been quite a lot of fun to try out.



Space Marines are still being worked on, but I’ve lost a bit of enthusiasm for them. I’m also missing decal sheets (of any kind) so until Forge World release the Dark Angles sheets or I find my stash in the cupboard somewhere, they’re on hold. I also lost their holstered chaniswords somewhere in my desk, which is frustrating to say the least as I can’t even work on the minor bits. Ho hum.



I also went and treated myself to some Ursarax. I like robots that jump around with massive fuck-off murder mitts. That’s the only reason I’m painting them.



I finally called the Sorceress quits. She could always do with more work, but I just don’t have the motivation to finish her off. As it stands, I’m happy with the NMM, the cloak and the dress: the skin is a little weird and her accents (gloves, leather straps, boots) are a bit sloppy (wahey!) but I frankly lack the energy to continue this project. It’s a cracking model that I will revisit, but afresh. I will base her up and she’ll take pride of place in my generic fantasy collection.



This guy comes from an impulse purchase I made at Vapnartak in February. He’s a Perry miniatures Japanese warrior monk (Sohei), and I’ve got big plans for him. He’s going to be in a duel diorama with a samurai, inspired by the intro cinematic of Total War: Shogun 2. The three major parts of him are pretty much done: his skin, robes and shawl. I just need to sort out some of his accent colours on his ribbon things and trousers: I’ll probably decide those once I can put the two opponents side-by-side to ensure some sort of coherency. After my current project, these guys will be my main focus.



Finally there’s this guy. A generic dwarf adventurer I picked up a few years ago. I won’t post any more as I’ll put up a whole start to finish process when I’m done in my next post, but he’s been quite the adventure. He’s holding a lantern, so I wanted to try some “Object Source Lighting”. Except I didn’t think that, I just thought “wouldn’t it be cool if I tried this….” and he’s developed from there. As he stands he’s probably the best figure I’ve ever painted in every aspect: technique, composition, all that. I’m very happy so far, and I’m hoping to finish him up over the next week.


Thanks for reading!




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