Another Dwarf!



Not a lot has happened on the blog, but a lot has happened in real life. There’s probably a correlation between the two.

I am still working away at the dozen or so projects I manage to distract myself with, but I would like to share a small piece I did over a year ago. Partly it’s to give some sort of progress indicator, but mostly it’s because I only just got around to finishing this guy.


Dwarf Sorcerer frontDwarf Sorcerer back

Here he is. The sculpt is by Icesword/Miniatures of the North, who does some brilliant sculpts: his blog is one of the more interesting ones out there as well (miniaturesofthenorth). This fellow is not a good guy: in fact he has decidedly sinister air about him, what with the heart, flame, cloak and hood going on.

With regards to the painting, this guy was a pretty quick job. I spent a lot of time on his cloak and robes, but not enough time on a lot of other bits. The skin tone is not right, his face is an absolute abomination, his beard could have been done better, the armour needs higher contrast, and I completely half-assed the whole headress ensemble. Nonetheless as a piece I feel he came together very well: the dominant colours have a nice contrast, and both the flame and the heart I feel are quite technically well done. I do remember being vexed slightly with the base as it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, but now looking at it I quite like it. It’s not overpowering, but still sets a small scene, and while the paintwork is a bit sloppy, it does the job satisfactorily.

This guy came with a spearman/bodyguard fellow that I still have to work on. Due to the nature of the sculpt (lots of scale armour) he will doubtless end up as a test for metallics of some description.


So in summary:

+I think this guy is worth a appreciating given the fact he was one of my early pieces: there are a lot of things I have improved upon (most noticeably consistency and patience), but he still stands up to scrutiny.

+Colour choice worked for the most part (again the hood and hat are a bit questionable)

-I didn’t really pay attention to the wider surface when painting the cloak, resulting in the weird highlight placement and sloppy blending. This is a bad habit I have been trying to force myself out of recently, with limited success. I will address this again in my next post (which will be up sooner than a month, depending on how the piece gets along)

-Contrast is too subdued. I really need to start working on this aspect as I feel it’s one of those things that takes a minor amount of work to introduce, but massively improves the whole look of the mini.


Thanks for reading




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