The High King, Completed


Gil-Galad has been finished, although a week of mountain biking has prevented me from uploading images. I’m quite happy with him, but there are a number of things I could have done better. Nontheless, the model was one I picked up for about £3 off eBay and painted in less than a week, so I can hardly consider it a masterpiece. I also feel I painted him quite crudely, and had I applied some techniques I know, but am not comfortable with, I think he could have come out a bit better. Without further ado, I give you Gil-Galad, High King.


These two images show the blade. I wanted a blueish tinge to it, because blue=magical, but my initial attempts with the Army Painter blue wash did not work as intended, because it dulled it down a lot. Not a bad thing, but I didn’t like a non-shiny blade, so I redid the metallics and applied a glaze using Windsor & Newton drawing inks. Upon closer inspection, I should have pushed the metallics back up a bit, but ho hum. I also have glazed the filigree with vermillion ink without a medium on a last minute whim, so it’s very crude, but gives the model a little bit of additional colour.


I’M SO HAPPY WITH THAT GEM. It’s nothing major, but it’s the first gem I’ve ever painted, using the instructions from the old High Elf army book. Once the model is varnished, it will get a gloss coat. I’m also reasonably happy with the neck-thing. This was also given an Army Painter blue wash, and in this case came out the better, as I feel it helps to emphasise the filigree .IMG_0248IMG_0247

The cloak. I was very happy with it at first, but there are a few things I am not happy with. Firstly, the colour is wrong. The green base is lovely, but the highlights (for reference, I used the Warcolours Olive, 1-5 inclusive) are too yellow. Secondly, the highlighting is wrong. There is no real sense of flowing fabric, which is partly because the sculpt threw me off, and partly because I got a bit tunnel-visioned. I have started on a few new models (some lovely Hasslefree and Red Box Games ones), and I have take on the challenge of painting better green cloth and better cloaks, so at least this has inspired me to try again. However the sculpt still confuses me, and thus I will not be repainting this bit.


Very happy with the face and hands. It’s not astonishingly good, the eyes are a bit wonky, but it has a realistic-ish colour, if not quite as pale as I wanted. The Turquoise I feel is spot on for what I wanted. The boots and the staff I’m also quite happy with, for different reasons. The boots are simple, but still look decent and leathery, which is something I have struggled with previously. The staff is wrong in a lot of ways, but was complete experimentation with the pattern of knots. They’re the wrong angle, the blending’s fairly crude, the colour isn’t quite right, but they prove to myself that I can do it, so that’s always good.


The hair was a bit of a rough job. I need to figure out a better brown hair recipe. The armour keeps on throwing me. On the one hand, it’s quite dull, and doesn’t draw the eye (to me at least). However when I look at it on its own there is some depth in the colour, and it doesn’t dominate the model. It also avoids the classic silver highlight on gold, which I find somewhat annoying as it makes almost all golds look the same, and so for that I am satisfied. The sleeve makes me happy because it took about 6 brushstrokes to do, but I feel looks good.


Closeup proves how sloppily he has been painted. Ah well, at least I’m living up to the name.


Spear’s bent, too late to fix it. It was only £3 though, so I’m not losing any sleep over it.


Even more annoying shot of the cloak. Even with the many visible layers of paint, I still couldn’t get it right, and it annoys me to look at it.


The white I feel is technically good, but is just misplaced. I should have gone with either blue-based white or light yellow, instead I ended up with a parchmenty colour supposed to be representing cloth.


So in summary:

+Good blues, flesh and gold armour.

+Tried some new things that worked well enough

+Very cheap and time-friendly project

-Rushed and a little crude in places, particularly in blending and glazing. Some areas could have done with more time glazing, particularly the blade

-Colour composition was off. I should have thought about how the colours interact, especially the white (Blue-white would have worked well in hindsight)

-The chaninmail is an abomination which I realised did not work as soon as I had painted it. I kept it because a) I’m dumb and b) it’s not very distracting.

-I need to figure out a couple of colour recipes, mostly hair and wood.


Thanks for reading. Next will likely be my own little fantasy project I’m starting.